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Welcome To The Texas Traffic Net


On behalf of the Texas Traffic Net Team, I would like to welcome you to our website. This is a brand new website and a new era for the Texas Traffic Net. It is our intention to provide a website that is an informative, useful, and enjoyable communications resource for all Amateur Radio Operators and the communities we all serve.

Communications for third parties, et al, has been around since the beginning of civilization. This kind of communication has played a very important role in the development of the world, and it continues to do that today. It continues to make the world just a little smaller as we move along in the stream of time.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on Communications, Amateur Radio, and the major goal of the Texas Traffic Net for this year and beyond. Take a good look at Amateur Radio! Technology has evolved into something really special. With this great technology, we continue to maintain the basic purpose of communicating. Be it for third parties, or for ourselves, it still remains fascinating, and most of all, “useful.” Isn’t that true?!

It doesn’t matter what mode it is—voice, CW, RTTY, PSK, packet, SSTV, or WinLink. Whatever it is, today’s capabilities go way beyond anything we have ever had in the past. It’s totally incredible!

So, why not use it? Not only for our personal pleasure, but in serving our communities as well! This is an opportunity to let our great hobby shine and gain respect throughout our neighborhoods.

All of our organized activity really got started back in 1914, when the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) was founded. Soon after, the National Traffic System (NTS) was developed, now an integral part of the ARRL, of which the Texas Traffic Net is a strong part. This ensures a continuing and reliable system for handling formal traffic by way of Amateur Radio.

Today, there is a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and resources available to the Radio Amateur. This is kind of unique to Amateur Radio. Why?

It is because Amateur radio is flexible, reliable, and resourceful. This is why the Texas Traffic Net has adopted a particular theme and goal for this year and beyond. It is as follows:

“The Texas Traffic Net: A Flexible, Reliable, Communications Resource
for Amateur Radio Operators, and the Communities They Serve!”

This is our dedication to you: “Ask and you shall receive!” Any one of our net control stations can get you headed in the right direction. Plus, we have some awesome training materials available, right here on this website.

Without you being there and checking into the net, there would be no net. So, thank you all for being there. Please take advantage of what we have for you on this website. Take a good look at all the pages. Familiarize yourself with all the resources that have been made available. But, most of all, enjoy!

I can’t think of anything better said than what Lou, WA5LOU, has said in this intro above, so it’s about time I post my photo and say welcome! Enjoy! And come back often!

Rusty Plocheck, WE5TXS
Net Manager, Texas Traffic Net

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