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Lou Everett, Former TTN Net Manager

Lou Everett was a great leader of the Texas Traffic net for many years. He became a friend and then long distance mentor after he convinced me I should take over as he was moving to Indiana. Though he moved away from Texas, his spirit lives on in the lives of each and every one of you. Lou has taken on similar and more responsibility in Indiana as he had in Texas and visits the nets when he can and propagation allows. We miss him and enjoy his visits.

You are always welcome home.

Sharon Heivilin, KC8EO
Net Manager, Texas Traffic Net

In Memory of Hubert Lee Perry, W5ZIN, SK

May 19, 1926—December 31, 2008

Hubert Lee Perry, 82, of Caldwell, Texas, passed away on Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at St Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan, Texas. Services are set for 10 a.m. Saturday, January 3rd, at Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home in Caldwell, Texas, with Rev. Todd Jordan officiating. Interment will be in the Caldwell Masonic Temple.

Mr. Perry had been disabled since 1947, as the result of an accident. He was an avid Amateur Radio Operator, and one of the originators of the 7290 Traffic Net on 40 Meters. Mr. Perry has been recognized on numerous occasions for his dedication to the 7290 Traffic Net and Amateur Radio. He was a U.S. Navy Veteran of WWII, and a member of the American Legion Post No. 451, of Caldwell, Texas. Several years ago, he wrote and published a book detailing the Perry family genealogy from 1704—1903.

Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home of Caldwell, 404 West Buck, Caldwell, TX, is in charge of the arrangements. For more information call 979-567-3232.

The Texas Traffic Net will miss our friend & mentor

Huber Perry, W5ZIN, was a very special individual. He inspired so many of us that are in Amateur Radio today. However, Hubert's inspiration went way beyond Amateur Radio.

Although Hubert had been recognized many times for his notable achievements over the years, he always remained a very kind and humble man—a fine example for us to follow.

Hubert was the first person I ever spoke with on the 7290 Traffic Net, many years ago. He inspired me then, and my memories of him inspire me now.

Hubert inspired the activities of the other traffic nets by being present most every day or evening. It was always a pleasure hearing his positive encouraging voice checking into the nets.

Thank you Hubert, our dear friend. You will be missed.

The Texas Traffic Net sends along our sympathy to Hubert's family. Our Prayers are with you.

73 and God Bless!
Lou Everett, Sr., WA5LOU


Honoring Hubert Perry, W5ZIN

The Bryan Amateur Radio Club presented Hubert W5ZIN, of Caldwell, Texas, a Special Service Award for his services as Net Control of the local 2 Meter Net and in recognition of being one of the clubs original members who has promoted Amateur Radio in the Bryan area.

Our thanks to Dale WA5GVE for sending this info and picture. August 9, 2008.

Hubert Perry, W5ZIN is an inspiration to all of those he has touched directly and indirectly. Hubert is always there for us, on the Texas Traffic Net. He is a very loyal check in, and when he checks in we all come to attention because of the inspiration and pleasure he brings to the net. So, it is with GREAT pleasure that we not only congratulate Hubert on being recognized and given an award by the Bryan Amateur Radio Club, but thank him for being there in support of the Texas Traffic Net. Thanks Hubert!

Lou Everett, Sr., WA5LOU

Red Cross honors J.R.

Orange County, Texas Chapter of the American Red Cross has awarded J.R. Aaron, K5SUB, a special award for his many many years of service to the Red Cross.

They will also be honoring Amateur radio operators each year, with an award called the "J. R. Aaron K5SUB Award". Each year, from now on, a ham who has provided outstanding emcomm service will be honored by this award. His/her call-sign will added to a plaque that wll hang in the main meeting room of the Red Cross, Orange County Chapter.

On behalf of the Texas Traffic Net, it gives me GREAT pleasure to congratulate our fellow Amatuer Radio Operator, J.R. Aaron, K5SUB, for this fine achievement. J.R. is a wonderful example of what Amateur Radio is all about, and how an Amateur radio Operator should serve his community.

J.R. has also been a faithful member of the Texas Traffic Net. Hearing him check into the net has always been a GREAT pleasure for all the Net Control Stations. We thank you J.R. Your Service is appreciated.

Lou Everett, Sr., WA5LOU


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